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A couple months ago I created my first blog  The purpose?  Create and Debate.  Today, I've created Kave Life.  The purpose? Inform and Inspire.  This blog offers information about super foods, non toxic care, ingredients, exercise and reviews on awesome companies.  As a kaveman, I believe in simplicity and part of this means promoting the most natural foods and products.  Whether you prefer reading millennial advice on Kaveman Kara or you prefer reading about simplistic living on Kave Life, I have one promise for you.  My blogs will help you become the best version of yourself.  Soo...






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I first discovered Banza when celebrity Kristen Bell mentioned the brand on her Instagram. She said, “Banza tastes like regular pasta, it’s so good.” With all due respect, Kristen lied. Banza's chickpea pasta is tastier and healthier than regular pasta.

Regular pasta is often made with wheat flour, but Banza is made from chickpeas. Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. Their ability to decrease appetite makes them an essential food for weight loss. Two cups of garbanzo beans supply the daily requirement of fiber. The health benefits of chickpeas are endless, but let’s get back to Banza and what makes this company a leader in the chickpea pasta revolution.

Banza thinks of everyone, featuring recipes on their site for diets including, “Plant Based,” and “Gluten Free.” I usually top my Banza with just red peppers, but with all the delicious recipes, I can transform it into the perfect, party pasta dish. I don't refer to Banza as a leader in the chickpea pasta revolution just to hype them up. Banza went from a mere idea to being in over 5,000 stores, in just over three years.

Their culture as a "young, scrappy, passionate and quirky team," resonates simplicity that is always welcome in my kave. The Banza crew loves to laugh and check out new restaurants every Friday. My favorite part about them is their enthusiasm in welcoming new members to the Banza community. They also donate their products for certain events and communities.

This chickpea pasta has far less carbohydrates than regular pasta and more protein and fiber. Why not choose the pasta with more of the stuff our bodies need and less of the stuff it doesn't? As a kaveman, I love nutritious alternatives as part of my kave meals. As someone who has witnessed weight loss and mental clarity resulting from foods with less carbs, I'll never go back to regular pasta.

Whether you're trying to lose weight or just interested in trying something new, Banza is for you. If there's one thing Kristen Bell said that I can agree with, it's that Banza has changed my life.


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