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Bullshit and Baking Soda

Congratulations to my very first Kave Life Subscriber of the Month. You gave me something to research the day you messaged me hungover at 6 am. It went something like this…

“I know it’s 6 am and this is random and I’m hungover. I just read about how important it is to wash avocados before consuming because when you cut into them, you drag all the bacteria that’s on the skin to the inside part that you eat. What do you do when your healthy food, which is always contaminated with bullshit nowadays, needs to be cleaned?”

Unfortunately, part of living in America means dealing with a lot of bullshit in our food and care products. However, my research shows there is a way to clean your produce that will remove most of the yucky stuff. Before we get into cleaning, let me give you some background on the agricultural practices in the US.

Both small farmers and large corporate crop producers routinely use pesticides. Fruits and veggies are sprayed as are entire trees, orchards, fields and soil. Some chemicals do absorb into the food we eat. However, the United States Environmental Protection Agency requires apple producers to soak their product in bleach water for 2 minutes after harvest.

So yes, technically, there are regulations that force farmers to clean our produce.

But the bleach only removes bacteria and dirt, not chemicals from pesticides. Therefore, if you’re not cleaning your produce properly, there’s a strong chance you’re consuming pesticides. Side note, am I the only one grossed out by the fact that bleach was the best cleaner they could think of? Might as well make myself an apple martini Clorox cocktail.

The best cleaner is good old fashioned baking soda. According to a study conducted at the University of Massachusetts, baking soda works better than bleach for pesticide removal. This is likely due to the fact that baking soda is highly alkaline and pesticides degrade faster in baking soda.

For the study, researchers applied two common pesticides known to penetrate apple peels, Thiabendazole and Phosmet, to organic Gala apples. Then, the apples were washed with 3 different liquids: water, 1% baking soda/water solution and EPA approved commercial bleach solution. 80% of the Thiabendazole was removed after 12 minutes of gentle scrubbing with the baking soda solution and 96% of the Phosmet was removed after 15 minutes.

Baking soda can get rid of 96% of toxic pesticides contaminating most veggies and fruits.

There you have it!


All of the information in this article was collected from an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola, an osteopathic physician and Web entrepreneur, who specializes in alternative medicine. Please view this article to learn how Phosmet and Thiabendazole effect the body.


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