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A couple months ago I created my first blog  The purpose?  Create and Debate.  Today, I've created Kave Life.  The purpose? Inform and Inspire.  This blog offers information about super foods, non toxic care, ingredients, exercise and reviews on awesome companies.  As a kaveman, I believe in simplicity and part of this means promoting the most natural foods and products.  Whether you prefer reading millennial advice on Kaveman Kara or you prefer reading about simplistic living on Kave Life, I have one promise for you.  My blogs will help you become the best version of yourself.  Soo...






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Pain in my Aspartame

Zero calories and a dozen problems.

When I was in college, I played lacrosse for about a season, under the leadership of one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. One day, she halted practice to tell us, “I don’t want you drinking soda, but if you’re going to drink soda do not drink diet anything. Diet sodas contain aspartame.” My parents never allowed my sister and I to drink soda. Nonetheless, her words resonated with me, so I did some digging to learn about the ingredient aspartame. Here’s what I found…

Any time you buy something labeled “zero calories,” or “fat free,” it means that something which was originally in that product has been taken out. For diet sodas, that something is regular sugar. But once something comes out, something else must go in.

The additive going in is aspartame, a cancer causing chemical used to embody dead bodies. Aspartame is essentially poison and half of America drinks it on the regular. It can be found in many zero calorie sweeteners like Splenda. I've also seen aspartame listed as an ingredient in ginger ale.

With American obesity rates skyrocketing, our culture has become obsessed with dieting and buying diet products. But you don't have to sacrifice your health to loose weight. I encourage everyone to read labels and remember that a healthier life starts with less processed foods.


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