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A couple months ago I created my first blog  The purpose?  Create and Debate.  Today, I've created Kave Life.  The purpose? Inform and Inspire.  This blog offers information about super foods, non toxic care, ingredients, exercise and reviews on awesome companies.  As a kaveman, I believe in simplicity and part of this means promoting the most natural foods and products.  Whether you prefer reading millennial advice on Kaveman Kara or you prefer reading about simplistic living on Kave Life, I have one promise for you.  My blogs will help you become the best version of yourself.  Soo...






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Sea Witch Botanicals

It is my duty to give an honest review and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t having a problem with Sea Witch Botanicals’ Soothing Facial Toner. The problem is that I can’t decide which purpose it's best for. This multipurpose, all natural, non toxic toner is amazing and I can’t decide if I prefer it as a pillow spray, a face mist, or a make-up setter! Before I get into the product, let’s discuss the company.

Sea Witch Botanicals is a Certified B Corporation. This certification is exclusive to companies meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance and public transparency. It is their transparency with ingredients that initially attracted me to them. There are many, “green washing” companies out there claiming to be all natural, yet refusing to reveal their ingredients. Sea Witch Botanicals lists their ingredients proving they have nothing to hide and loads to offer.

The products are vegan which means they are not made from animals. This lessens the horrendous effect animal agriculture has had on our environment. Sea Witch considers their impact on the environment and laborers by using recyclable packaging and fair trade ingredients. The products are free of synthetic fragrances, preservatives and fillers. No need to fear, the dirty F word is not here. On top of all this, every year Sea Witch donates a percentage of their revenue to supporting charities.

When I sprayed the facial toner, I was impressed by the stress relieving, lavender scent. Moments later, my makeup-less, tired face was full of life. My cheeks had a tint of pink and my face was glowing. The toner is infused with natural ingredients like coconut, aloe vera and rose water. Even the preservative is natural and serves a dual purpose as a known skin conditioning agent. I love keeping the toner in the fridge and enjoying a cool spritz after a hot shower.

This small family business out of Washington has a promising motto, "Nature Misses You.” What better way to stay close to the kave than by purchasing products from a company harnessing God's given natural resources ? Sea Witch Botanicals cares about the environment, the consumer, the less fortunate and laborers. What's not to love ad what has you still reading? Head over to their website and checkout this kaveman's favorites.


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